About Us

        Like many of the best things in life, the idea to make arm warmers came to me completely by accident.  I wanted to make one-of-a-kind gifts for the children of my friends and family.  At the same time, the “tree hugger” in me sought to use the most sustainable materials possible.  I needed to look no further than my own closet, where I had a number of perfectly good but, for one reason or another, no longer worn sweaters.  Soon, my sweaters were reincarnated as a collection of unique leg warmers for babies and girls.  On cold days, I would wear the leg warmers on my arms to keep warm while leaving my fingers free for sewing.  Before I knew it, my friends were asking for their own pairs of “arm warmers."  (I’m still not sure how it hadn’t instantly occurred to me...  After all, my annual birthday party is called “Madonna-rama!")

        Things really picked up during the holiday season so I compiled a group of my most beloved and talented girl friends to help me produce, market, photograph, and model the arm warmers.  Plus, I needed a name...fast!  For inspiration, I turned to my trusty journal where I keep a daily list of the the big, and often little, things that I cherish most.  As it’s becoming more and more popular to use the term “I heart” to express sentiment for such things, this became my “I heart” list.  (E.g., I heart my husband and baby girl, Beatrix.  I heart my good health.  I heart wine with bubbles.  I heart child’s pose.  I heart calla lilies.  I heart my mischievous dog, Coco.  And, on and on...)


I HEART ARM WARMERS and I hope you do too!


Warm wishes,


Sara & Co.