*What’s so great about arm warmers?

Obviously, arm warmers are stylish - and they are super practical too!  They keep fingers free for texting, typing, driving, and snapping photos.  Arm warmers are fantastic accessories for transitional weather; wear them as an extra set of sleeves when it is not quite warm enough for your favorite short-sleeved shirt.  Arm warmers also come in handy for transitional activities; wear them to and from the gym or yoga and seamlessly remove them once you build up some heat (no need to pull anything over your head!).

I HEART ARM WARMERS are not the same as “fingerless gloves.”  They do not have fixed fingers or a protruding thumb hole, which makes them easy to slide up when you need your hands free (e.g., for washing) or when you prefer the look of an extra set of sleeves.  Because of this versatility, some arm warmer addicts are known to keep theirs on from dawn ‘til dusk.  With so many styles and materials to choose from, it’s easy to find a pair (or pairs!) that suits your climate and personal style!  (We are listing new arm warmers as fast as we can make them, so check back often!)

*How are I HEART ARM WARMERS made?

I HEART ARM WARMERS are made by women in our local community outside of Boston, not in some faraway factory.  We select the best quality second-hand sweaters and give them new life.  The sweaters are washed and dried and then cut to maximize the amount of useable material.  Currently, we are able to re-use about 90% of each sweater for arm warmers and patches.  (We are holding onto the last 10%, confident that inspiration will come for how to utilize every last bit!)  

Although we can usually make more than one pair of arm warmers from a single sweater, no two pairs are exactly alike.  Every button is sewn on by hand.  Every patch is cut by a real person.  We consider slight irregularities and variations to be charming characteristics of every arm warmer’s uniqueness.  


Our arm warmers are “one size fits most.”  Most of the knits we use have lots of stretch, which makes them comfortable for many sizes.  Occasionally, due to the cut of some materials, we have arm warmers that are better suited for very large or very small hands.  For those interested in these sizes, please keep an eye out in our online store, where we will list these “special size” arm warmers from time to time.

*How is my order shipped?

Domestic orders are shipped via USPS first-class mail for a flat rate of $4.00.  Please expect 3-10 days for delivery.  

International orders are shipped via USPS first-class mail for a flat rate of $10.00.  Shipping times vary and buyers are responsible for all customs and duties imposed by the destination country.  

*How do I care for my new I HEART ARM WARMERS?

We thoroughly wash and dry each sweater before it is made into arm warmers.  However, we recommend that, after purchase, arm warmers are washed by hand and dried flat.  This is to protect the embellishments we add and prolong the life of your arm warmers.  Most people find that their arm warmers (like most knit accessories) only need to be washed after multiple uses.

*Do you accept returns?

If you don’t love your new arm warmers, please let us know.  We will work to make you happy and will accept returns up to 30 days from purchase (buyer to pay shipping).  Again, please keep in mind that our arm warmers are handmade and, therefore, minor design and production variations are considered to be part of our products’ charm.


If you are a retailer interested in selling our arm warmers in your store, please contact us at wholesale@iheartarmwarmers.com.  

If you are an individual interested in hosting an I HEART ARM WARMERS party, please contact us at info@iheartarmwarmers.com.  We are happy to offer generous compensation to our hostesses!